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White Album! by icejiraffe
January 10, 2009, 10:09 PM
Filed under: Anime, Nana Mizuki

Hey everybody! I didn’t update the blog yesterday because I was feeling a little feverish and didn’t have much strength. Worse choice I made was to go and attend the CJC open house. That left me winded as I had to drag my dead body around. Well, as you know, Nana chan’s newest anime White Album has been launched (illegally though)! Personally, I found the anime quite typical. Just like an love story, on how lovers split when one rises to fame. The other party begins to become forlorn and depressed. But, hey, it’s only the first episode, what can I say? BUT BUT BUT, Nana chan’s song Shin Ai is an absolutely AWESOME accompliment. The OP is fantastic as it really suits the whole theme of the anime in every aspect.



(the lead female characters)


Well, these characters are totally awesome. One voiced by Nana-chan, another by Aya Hirano. Two very fabulous seiyuus!




The two characters support each other in the anime very closely, and are really like sisters. Personally, I would continue with this anime. It is definitely comparable to Toradora, which in my opinion, is an excellent anime as well.




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Well… I feel that White Album has the potential to be a good anime, just that the pace for the first 2 episodes is very slow which kinda takes away interest. From past experiences of anime that Nana voices in, I doubt it will get any better (e.g. characters that look horrible and strange, and unattractive graphics)

Comment by jiraffe7

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