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Shin Ai PV by icejiraffe
January 14, 2009, 11:41 PM
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Hey everybody! Lexxy here! Well, as most of us already know, Nana Mizuki’s Shin Ai PV is out! That means that we can all enjoy this emotional song with Nana chan in it! WHEE! Let me see, I’m in a really high mood because her single will be reaching Jiraffe in roughly a weeks time and I’ll get my copy too! ARGH can’t bear the wait. (A bonus is that I did well for my O Level exams! Jiraffe outclassed me AS USUAL. Owned me by 3 points. Sigh.)

Anyway, here is the video we have all been waiting for. Without further ado, I give you Shin Ai.

(doesn,t Nana chan look so innocent and beautiful??)


Some screenshots which i thought were beautiful. Feel free to help yourself to them!


(so full of youthful innocence!)


(I just had to take this shot because of the lighting.)


(Another very beautiful scene)



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The PV is a pretty boring one (literally) as Nana and Mika look pretty but they do nothing much. Even the previous mainstream ‘boring’ PVs like ‘Astrogation’ and ‘Trickster’ had more than just a beautiful Nana. But I guess anything except Nana missing from a PV will be good.

Could it be that the release of Shin Ai was too close to Trickster such that they had no time to do a good PV? While this could be a reasonable explanation, I highly doubt it as the current Shin Ai PV is so simple that it can be completed in a day (less actually, unless Nana laughs or makes a mistake everytime she tries to make herself look sad in the PV).

At least the single contains 3 awesome songs that make up for this simple/bland PV. I have listened to all 3 songs, that can be found on youtube, and I dare say that the single has a better line up than Trickster. I do miss the vocal-less B-sides of the songs (absent since ‘STARCAMP EP’) that I feel should be included in every single.

Comment by jiraffe7

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