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Remaining songs of Shin Ai AND Happy B’day to certain people! by icejiraffe
January 18, 2009, 8:42 PM
Filed under: Nana Mizuki

BY THE WAY, these are EXTREMELY high quality ones, not your usual radio rips!

(Gozen reji no Baby Doll)

Well Gozen reji no Baby Doll literally means ” Baby Doll of 0 a.m”. A rather interesting (erm?) name don’t you think? Personally I found it rather attractive! HAHA! Well, the tune starts out pretty lively and Nana chan maintains that same tune. Okay, I apologise that I am unable to find the lyrics and translation for this song… However, honestly, I think this song is just a tad plain… yes? Her voice fluctuation isn’t much either, but the tune IS lively enough to hold my interest…. Well, next up we have Pride of Glory!

(Pride Of Glory)

Okay, Pride of Glory in Jiraffe’s opinion is very similar to Astrogation. I’m not exactly sure what he means, but what I THINK he means that it takes numerous runs before you get used to it. Her voice is evidently VERY strong and confident, well, as the title suggests, full of pride. Her pride is very prominent and doesn’t seem to want to let up. Well these are just my thoughts.

On another note, today incidentally is Kotoko and Utada Hikaru’s Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TWO AWESOME SINGERS! (not too awesome for Utada though… SORRY Utada fans!) Kotoko’s Re-Sublimity seems to be a trance song which is ABSOLUTELY awesome. Thanks to Jiraffe I managed to listen to it!




(Personally, I never knew Utada was so cute. I always imagined her to be that erm, nerdy(?) girl on Heart Station)

Well, today are those two awesome singers birthday, AND tomorrow is JIRAFFE’S birthday! HAHAHAH how awesome is he? Best part is the day after, it is Nana Mizuki’s birthday! That’ll mean SHIN AI WILL BE OUT!

giraffe1 VS                                        nanakoma2

I don’t know, you pick the winner. I know who I am choosing! —————————————>



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@PRIDE OF GLORY – Astrogation is a song that I liked the moment I listened to it, just like PRIDE OF GLORY. Its similar to Astrogation in the aspect of its high BPM and synthesized sounds.

@the cute Utada – thats a younger picture of her when her hair was longer, but I dont know about now lol.

and some how, I dont know how or why, Shin Ai has already been released in Japan methinks. So those songs are actually not radio rips but the actual thing.

Comment by jiraffe7

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