Lexxy & Jiraffe

About Jiraffe

Jiraffe is a crazed fan of Nana Mizuki and enjoys other aspects of Japanese entertainment, such as anime and manga. As this is his first blog, it will be kept simplistic unless Lexxy decides to do otherwise.

How Jiraffe became a fan of Nana Mizuki:

After being influenced by some friends, I started to watch anime on the various video sharing websites. It was at Stage6 (still around at that time) where I stumbled onto ‘Rosario to Vampire’ (should have been featured on the ‘Most Watched’ section or something similar). Not to say that I was actually interested in that anime, but the OPs/EDs of the anime I watched, sparked off my interest for J-Pop. At that point of time, Nana Mizuki’s ‘COSMIC LOVE’ and ‘Dancing in the velvet moon’ were the only Nana songs in my little collection of OPs/EDs.

It was not until awhile later, when I decided to expand my J-Pop collection, that I wanted to sample the works of the artists that I was already listening to and if I found them to my liking, I would start listening to them. I managed to get hold of ‘Pray’, ‘GREAT ACTIVITY’ and ‘HYBRID UNIVERSE’. These songs would start the Nana craze that I have right now, almost a year later, when I stopped playing World of Warcraft.

I would say that piracy helped me, to a certain extent, to become a fan of Nana Mizuki. Without it, I would not have been able to:
1) Watch Rosario to Vampire on video sharing websites (which started me off with 2 of Nana’s songs)
2) Sample some of Nana’s works
While I do not support piracy, I see it as a means of getting more people to become fans of Nana Mizuki.

Jiraffe hopes to influence more people to become fans of Nana Mizuki (so that he can order mags of Nana in bulk to save on shipping costs O_O) and that fans of Nana Mizuki in Singapore can rally together to get Nana Mizuki to perform live here.


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