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Hmmm… Okay, what would you like to know about me? Well, I’m the male version of a plain-Jane, and will not go through too much hassle. Basically I prefer to just chill out. Trust me, the idea of this blog was to kill my free time and practice my English and writing skills. I’m a Literature student and obviously require it. As you can see, so far, my English has been pretty weak. Haven’t practiced in a long time too. Ah well, so yes. Thats me.

When i was 13, I swore never to listen to any music which sounded like a foreign dining menu (Japanese for example). However, as the years went by, I began to realise the deterioration of the quality of English mainstream music. Worse so in the case of the non-mainstream artiste. So, slowly, thanks to the help of Jiraffe, my love for Japanese music flourished and now, I am writing this to all of you. Apparently, Nana chan isn’t considered to be mainstream J-pop, however, she is a TOTALLY awesome singer! Second to none. She is a Jack-tress of all trades and Master of all (in this case). Well, I think my point has ben proven. IF Nana Mizuki is not mainstream, and yet she is still so popular, can you imagine the mainstream J-pop stars?! They must be surrounded by a never ending sea of fans! But on a personal note, I don’t really like them. JUST LOVE NANA CHAN!

Well, ROCK ON Japanese people and non-Japanese people, you know why?

Thats because you made the right choice by coming to this blog!



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Comment by Terence Lim

Nice blog =) I’m sure if Nana knew about this, she would be absolutely delighted to have such devoted fans!

Comment by Achilles

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