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Nana’s NEW album!
January 25, 2009, 9:50 PM
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Hey guys! Well, with so much spare time on my hands, I’ve been running around a lot and have not the time to update the blog, therefore my sincerest apologies. Well, according to Nana Mizuki, she will be launching a new album very “soon”. What her perception of time is like, I do not know, but hey, A NEW ALBUM! Personally, I hope it’s good! With Shin Ai just out, it is fantastic for her to launch another!


Well, here’s a By The Way kind of thing. When Pick Up Voice arrived at Kinokuniya in Singapore, it featured Nana chan in it, and obviously, I HAD to get my hands on a copy of it. You see, the thing is that it came in at 8pm that night. When I called to make a reservation for two copies 15 minutes later, they only had 1 copy left!! ONE COPY! Well, that just proves to you how popular Nana chan is despite her being non-mainstream!





January 21, 2009, 3:00 PM
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Well, as all Nana Mizuki fans should know, today is her very very beautiful BIRTHDAY!! It’s so awesome man!! Even though she’s not that young anymore (29? i think) she looks absolutely FABULOUS. Today, Shin Ai was officially launched in Japan as well!




I give you the star of the day. Nana Mizuki.


Well, personally I think she’s GORGEOUS. Won’t you agree? Heh, I’ve also always wondered what it would be like to spend a day with a celebrity!! Hmmm…. if it was Nana chan, I would drop dead. Instantly. I mean it’s like if fans actually see them, won’t they like get mobbed or something?



From a caterpillar, one who lived un-noticed, to ….


… a beautiful butterfly whom everyone turns to.


Sweet 16 passed and well, GORGEOUS 29 is here babeeee….



Remaining songs of Shin Ai AND Happy B’day to certain people!
January 18, 2009, 8:42 PM
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BY THE WAY, these are EXTREMELY high quality ones, not your usual radio rips!

(Gozen reji no Baby Doll)

Well Gozen reji no Baby Doll literally means ” Baby Doll of 0 a.m”. A rather interesting (erm?) name don’t you think? Personally I found it rather attractive! HAHA! Well, the tune starts out pretty lively and Nana chan maintains that same tune. Okay, I apologise that I am unable to find the lyrics and translation for this song… However, honestly, I think this song is just a tad plain… yes? Her voice fluctuation isn’t much either, but the tune IS lively enough to hold my interest…. Well, next up we have Pride of Glory!

(Pride Of Glory)

Okay, Pride of Glory in Jiraffe’s opinion is very similar to Astrogation. I’m not exactly sure what he means, but what I THINK he means that it takes numerous runs before you get used to it. Her voice is evidently VERY strong and confident, well, as the title suggests, full of pride. Her pride is very prominent and doesn’t seem to want to let up. Well these are just my thoughts.

On another note, today incidentally is Kotoko and Utada Hikaru’s Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TWO AWESOME SINGERS! (not too awesome for Utada though… SORRY Utada fans!) Kotoko’s Re-Sublimity seems to be a trance song which is ABSOLUTELY awesome. Thanks to Jiraffe I managed to listen to it!




(Personally, I never knew Utada was so cute. I always imagined her to be that erm, nerdy(?) girl on Heart Station)

Well, today are those two awesome singers birthday, AND tomorrow is JIRAFFE’S birthday! HAHAHAH how awesome is he? Best part is the day after, it is Nana Mizuki’s birthday! That’ll mean SHIN AI WILL BE OUT!

giraffe1 VS                                        nanakoma2

I don’t know, you pick the winner. I know who I am choosing! —————————————>


Shin Ai PV
January 14, 2009, 11:41 PM
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Hey everybody! Lexxy here! Well, as most of us already know, Nana Mizuki’s Shin Ai PV is out! That means that we can all enjoy this emotional song with Nana chan in it! WHEE! Let me see, I’m in a really high mood because her single will be reaching Jiraffe in roughly a weeks time and I’ll get my copy too! ARGH can’t bear the wait. (A bonus is that I did well for my O Level exams! Jiraffe outclassed me AS USUAL. Owned me by 3 points. Sigh.)

Anyway, here is the video we have all been waiting for. Without further ado, I give you Shin Ai.

(doesn,t Nana chan look so innocent and beautiful??)


Some screenshots which i thought were beautiful. Feel free to help yourself to them!


(so full of youthful innocence!)


(I just had to take this shot because of the lighting.)


(Another very beautiful scene)


White Album!
January 10, 2009, 10:09 PM
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Hey everybody! I didn’t update the blog yesterday because I was feeling a little feverish and didn’t have much strength. Worse choice I made was to go and attend the CJC open house. That left me winded as I had to drag my dead body around. Well, as you know, Nana chan’s newest anime White Album has been launched (illegally though)! Personally, I found the anime quite typical. Just like an love story, on how lovers split when one rises to fame. The other party begins to become forlorn and depressed. But, hey, it’s only the first episode, what can I say? BUT BUT BUT, Nana chan’s song Shin Ai is an absolutely AWESOME accompliment. The OP is fantastic as it really suits the whole theme of the anime in every aspect.



(the lead female characters)


Well, these characters are totally awesome. One voiced by Nana-chan, another by Aya Hirano. Two very fabulous seiyuus!




The two characters support each other in the anime very closely, and are really like sisters. Personally, I would continue with this anime. It is definitely comparable to Toradora, which in my opinion, is an excellent anime as well.



Shin Ai review
January 8, 2009, 5:24 PM
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(if i’m not wrong, Nana chan comments about her song at the end of the whole song! For those who understand Japanese, could you translate it for me please? OH AND listen to the song while reading the post and lyrics. you’ll feel touched. I guarantee it.)


Okay, I believe it is time to formally review the song Shin Ai. I don’t know why, but its been by-passing my mind everyday, slipping into oblivion. Well, after watching the CM again, did I realise that i totally neglected it. What an infidel I am eh?


Anyway, I think I’ve said it before that Shin Ai may be rather lack-lustre(?), well, now I stand corrected. Shin Ai initially sounds rather mundane with not much emotions in it, however as it progresses on, we get a full frontal collision with all its magnificent power and grace. Too tell you the truth, Nana chan looks absolutely gorgeous in that CM and her album cover.


Actually, scratch what i said initially about the beginning. The piano accompliment with the harp is an art of pure genious. The two instruments produce a very graceful effect which intertwine to give you, well, Shin Ai. Shin Ai literally means Growing Love. Well, I do not have the English translation of the lyrics with me at the moment, but personally, I can feel it just from the power of her voice. The song starts out slow, like how most lovers do. They begin courting each other with beautiful dreams. HOLD YOUR HORSES PEOPLE! I just found a translation, courtesy of Blackrabbit2999!



水樹奈々 – 深愛
Mizuki Nana – Shin Ai

作曲:上松範康(Elements Garden)
編曲:藤間 仁(Elements Garden)

雪が舞い散る夜空 二人寄り添い見上げた
the night when the snow danced and scattered, we watched while we cuddled together
the warmth of our joined hands was so tender

淡いオールドブルーの 雲間に消えて行くでしょう
hasn’t it already disappeared into faint old blue rift between the clouds
the promise that was supposed to last for eternity

just being beside you
just having that is good enough
but unnoticed it has expanded
up till now to a dream i wasn’t aware of

どんな時も どこにいる時でも
no matter the time and no matter the place
please hold me closer and closer
even if the passion will spill onto all my days
the feelings i have for you are everything
i believe that they will never end
will i be able to see you like this forever

交わす言葉と時間 姿も変えて行くでしょう
白い頬に溶けたそれは 月の涙
the words and time we’ve exchanged, hadn’t they already come to change
that which melted on the white face, were the tears of the moon

行かないで もう少しだけ
don’t leave, stay just that little longer
what i keep trying to say is
we will definitely meet again right
that is what i keep asking myself too

突然走り出した 行く先の違う二人
we suddenly started running, the two of us with different destinations
it can no longer be stopped
the silence has exceeded the imaginations, tearing us apart
if there was one request that could be granted
i would want to tell you i’m sorry

声にしなきゃ 動き出さなきゃ
だからね早く 今ここに来て
no matter how much i think about it, it will never reach you
i will have to say it out, i will have to make it clear
hidden away the secret we share
is this how it will become forgotten?
that’s why, you have to quickly come here now

just being beside you
just having that is good enough
if we were to meet again now
would we be able to laugh together?

どんな時も どこにいる時でも
no matter the time and no matter the place
please hold me closer and closer
a burning hotter than just passion melts me now
the feelings i have for you are everything
i believe that they will never end
will i be able to see you like this forever


(is it just me or was Nana crying? Well i would too.)


Heh even without the translation, I was right to a certain extent to how the lovers started out, by dancing (typically) romantically under the night gaze of the moon. This just proves to you the power of Nana chan’s vocals. Their love in the song becomes more profound as the song becomes more urgent sounding as Nana’s vocals pick up to even newer heights. However, as any love story would go, the lovers would one day part and the desperation in Nana’s voice is even stronger and more evident.
Well, this song is also used in her newest anime White Album! I can’t wait for the official series to launch. Anyway, for those people who are way more otaku than Jiraffe and I, you can torrent it! I didn’t because I did not have the patience to, and my MacBook isn’t that fantastic. Jiraffe did though. Leave him a comment if you would like to know how it was and where to get it from. (Pssst… He’s more of the technical guy. He’s freaking intelligent. I’m the inferior guy. Always doing the menial stuff)
(this should be white album)
You know, if I was a girl, I would probably break down into a huge puddle of tears because this song is really sentimental and emotional. So much feeling!!! I FEEL LIKE BURSTING! Gosh. *sniff*
(isn’t she simply beautiful?)
Anyway, I’m signing off now!

My Belated Christmas Presents!
January 7, 2009, 4:15 PM
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Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME (belated)!!!! My DRUGS all arrived today, courtesy of my super, extremely awesome Maths & Science tutor! Thanks Ms Lee!! Well, anyway yeah I got a whole lot of Nana merchandise today and this is soooo totally awesome!!! Pardon me if my English starts going erratic because you gotta understand that I am now in a state of euphoria! WHOOOHOOO! Anyway, below are the pictures!


(How awesome is that?!)



(The ever spell binding and awesome Trickster)



(LIMITED ED GREAT ACTIVITY!!! [faints from excitement])



(Live Fighter Blue side)



(Live Fighter Red side)



(Live Fighter Red and Blue side! Dont they look simply gorgeous juxtaposed like that??)



(My personal favourite Live Formula!)









(the plastic bad was totally random. just saw that there was koda kumi on it! LOOL!)


Well, I guess this kind of drugs do come with a price. A FREAKIN 16997 YEN BILL. (>.<) Now, Lexxy is officially broke.