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Early Birthday Loot
January 19, 2009, 8:59 PM
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My birthday loot came early today!!! Strange though, I thought Shin Ai was supposed to be launched on the 21st of Jan, but it was shipped from Japan on the 17th. Due to the Oricon charts thing maybe??

Since there’s already a review on Shin Ai, I won’t bore you with the same thing. So here’s some pictures of my package.

The Package

My Loot

Well… thats all. Please support Nana-chan by buying her stuff. I guess its ok to download as long as you WILL buy her works (especially those you downloaded).


My Incoming Birthday Present: Shin Ai
January 5, 2009, 10:03 PM
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Shin Ai

This is what I will get for my Birthday! (its between Utada Hikaru’s/KOTOKO’s and Nana Mizuki’s birthdays)

To be frank, I didn’t really like Shin Ai when I first listened to it (compared to Astrogation and Trickster). But after listening to it a few times more, I kinda started to like it, but not to the level of Astrogation, which I listen to at least once everyday (in truth its more like 2 times lol).

OH GREAT! I just found out that PRIDE OF GLORY has been previewed, you should be able to find it in the latest Smile Gang… It’s similar to Astrogation in the aspects of beats-per-minute and synthesized music. I like it!!

On a final note, the last song of the single has a rather weird title (Gozen Rei-Ji no Baby Doll) that seems to deviate from Nana’s standard song titles. I hope that this song, despite its title, will not sound strange.

A few more weeks to go! Now for the PVs of these songs…


Okay, now from me, Lexxy!

Well, personally i feel that Shin Ai is rather lack-lustre! Like what Jiraffe says, it definitely isn’t like her previous songs. Actually come to think about it, Shin Ai is the Nana chan that all of us should be seeing. You are able to feel from her song the emotions in it and how it all blends together to create a myriad of feelings within one’s recesses of the mind. It isn’t the usual bubbly Nana chan, but it still works out.

One can tell that Nana’s voice is now fuller, more mellow and stronger, the very aspects of a singer reaching her prime. Maturity has done her wonders with both her voice and looks(heh). Well, when Jiraffe gets his present, I’ll get it too! Thanks to Jiraffe of course!