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My Belated Christmas Presents! by icejiraffe
January 7, 2009, 4:15 PM
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Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME (belated)!!!! My DRUGS all arrived today, courtesy of my super, extremely awesome Maths & Science tutor! Thanks Ms Lee!! Well, anyway yeah I got a whole lot of Nana merchandise today and this is soooo totally awesome!!! Pardon me if my English starts going erratic because you gotta understand that I am now in a state of euphoria! WHOOOHOOO! Anyway, below are the pictures!


(How awesome is that?!)



(The ever spell binding and awesome Trickster)



(LIMITED ED GREAT ACTIVITY!!! [faints from excitement])



(Live Fighter Blue side)



(Live Fighter Red side)



(Live Fighter Red and Blue side! Dont they look simply gorgeous juxtaposed like that??)



(My personal favourite Live Formula!)









(the plastic bad was totally random. just saw that there was koda kumi on it! LOOL!)


Well, I guess this kind of drugs do come with a price. A FREAKIN 16997 YEN BILL. (>.<) Now, Lexxy is officially broke.




Dancing In The Velvet Moon by icejiraffe
January 7, 2009, 1:41 PM
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Well, today when I woke up, I was wondering which song i should do, then all of a sudden it hit me that Dancing in the Velvet Moon would be an excellent song! Nana Mizuki flaunts her body in her live performances in both Live Formula and Live Fighter. She’s got an awesome figure despite the F- chest size rating she got! If you note closely, LOL she has packs (is that how you spell it?) and that explains her svelte figure.



Her voice is very strong and attractive. Yes. I said attractive. Its got a seductive feel to it that makes you drawn to it. The tune is very suitable and her sudden deviation in her voice is excellent. It shows off the sheer power of her voice. Such immense power from such a petite person. Bravo. Bravo. Kudos to you Nana Chan. This very awesome song comes from her album Starcamp EP




When you compare the voice from Formula and Fighter, Fighter is the clear winner as her voice is stronger and her breath is definitely longer. Well, both outfits are pretty awesome too!

End of Hakushaku to Yousei by icejiraffe
January 6, 2009, 8:06 PM
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(Opening for Hakushaku to Yousei. The song has beat to it and the lyrics are very beautifully crafted as well. Makes up for the not so fantastic vocals. Heh.)


So forth, does Hakushaku to Yousei end, with Lydia finally giving her approval to be Edgar’s consort. Rather expected ending eh? Actually I would have thought that the Prince would be captured and everybody lives happily ever after! Well, it’s a good thing they didn’t! If they tried to rush it within 12 episodes, that would’ve been utter madness. To tell you the truth, the anime was rather interesting and not so much of a let down! I loved it very much as they were able to keep things in perspective and not deviate along the way.




Well, for those who haven’t watched it, but intend to, I’ll give you a brief summary of what it is about. Basically Hakushaku to Yousei literally means Earl and Fairy. The plot of this anime revolves around 17th century (I think) England where fairies and humans exist, unknown to each other. Some have diluted blood lines hence their ability to be seen by humans. Lydia (voiced by Nana Mizuki!! *^w^*) is the protaganist, a fairy doctor  who mediates between fairies and humans.  Hence forth, it’s your typical love story with a side dish of action and adventure to it!




This anime is surely a must watch and should not be missed. For those time strapped people, Hakushaku to Yousei would fit you best as it is short and not at all rushed. Good pacing and excellent storyline are the factors that make this anime an awesome one.



Okay, here starts the reviewing process that Lexxy and Jiraffe have begun on. by icejiraffe
January 6, 2009, 9:03 AM
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(okay, I know she does not look exceptionally beautiful, but what I’ve noticeed with majority of Asians is that beauty comes with age, and that is true in her case)

First off, we have here Innocent Starter. I’m absolutely sure it’s a very familiar tune with all you Nana fans out there, because this is the epic song that really got Nana’s ball rolling! The starting of the song is really suitable, as the beat is slow and relax, giving a sense of peace and tranquility, that of a rather innocent start. In fact a slight tinge of insecurity is present, to portray the fear of the unknown and what may, very well, be a brand new start!


Hugging your knees in a corner of your room, you’ve always shook with anxiety.

You were afraid to know the ‘truth’, so you closed the doors to it.

 Slowly, as Nana’s voice drift along with the lyrics, we can slowly sense it becoming stronger, building the very confidence required to overcome the obstacles which she faces, to break open the “closed doors” and to run free. Run, to run to her dreams which she is chasing.

In this beautiful lie you find where you belong, and so you ran into your dreams.

It’s a place no one know about where you dye your sea of loneliness a deep blue color.

Her words are very beautifully chosen and selected to give the listeners a sense of what is going on in the background of things. Situations may not always seem the way they are, hence the phrase, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. The “lie” she mentions seems to point at her fear of the unknown, hence her isolation of herself from the rest of the world. By retreating into solitude, her own world lightens up with the brilliance of  a glistening ocean in the sun, her “sea of loneliness”.


You have earnestly looked for solitude to the extent of hurting your own heart.

In the reality behind your smile, which seems to hold the mysteries of your eyes, I’ll bring you tender love.

Your warmth now seems to “break” when you “touch” it; so let the past out and leave it behind.

Because I will always be by your side, you will not be affected by these shadows of sadness.

 This portion of the song is truly the time when she opens up and allows her emotions and feelings to run free. As i mention before, the confidence has already built up, and she is ready to give it her all. The song suggests that solitude is not an option for her even though she tried so hard to prove it otherwise.


Okay, people, this is just a few stanzas from her song Innocent Starter. Her songs are way too long to analyse, but this will give you a general feeling. Basically, the message which she tries to portray (in my opinion) is that she has courageously emerged from her cacoon which she encased herself in and is trying to tell us all to LISTEN TO HER! Innocent Starter seems to mark the beginning of her career as she starts as a freshman, a greenhorn, a noob.



My Incoming Birthday Present: Shin Ai by jiraffe7
January 5, 2009, 10:03 PM
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Shin Ai

This is what I will get for my Birthday! (its between Utada Hikaru’s/KOTOKO’s and Nana Mizuki’s birthdays)

To be frank, I didn’t really like Shin Ai when I first listened to it (compared to Astrogation and Trickster). But after listening to it a few times more, I kinda started to like it, but not to the level of Astrogation, which I listen to at least once everyday (in truth its more like 2 times lol).

OH GREAT! I just found out that PRIDE OF GLORY has been previewed, you should be able to find it in the latest Smile Gang… It’s similar to Astrogation in the aspects of beats-per-minute and synthesized music. I like it!!

On a final note, the last song of the single has a rather weird title (Gozen Rei-Ji no Baby Doll) that seems to deviate from Nana’s standard song titles. I hope that this song, despite its title, will not sound strange.

A few more weeks to go! Now for the PVs of these songs…


Okay, now from me, Lexxy!

Well, personally i feel that Shin Ai is rather lack-lustre! Like what Jiraffe says, it definitely isn’t like her previous songs. Actually come to think about it, Shin Ai is the Nana chan that all of us should be seeing. You are able to feel from her song the emotions in it and how it all blends together to create a myriad of feelings within one’s recesses of the mind. It isn’t the usual bubbly Nana chan, but it still works out.

One can tell that Nana’s voice is now fuller, more mellow and stronger, the very aspects of a singer reaching her prime. Maturity has done her wonders with both her voice and looks(heh). Well, when Jiraffe gets his present, I’ll get it too! Thanks to Jiraffe of course!

Rational! OUR first post! by icejiraffe
January 5, 2009, 10:20 AM
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An AWESOME ninja picture of Nana chan

An AWESOME ninja picture of Nana chan

Okay, hey all you guys and gals out there! Basically, what Jiraffe and I, Lexxy, intend to do, is to review certain aspects of the Japanese entertainment world! We’ll be doing music, animes and well, a whole lot of other stuff! Come and read our posts which, we will try our best to, update on a daily basis! Maybe once in two days?

Anyway first up, the artist that we are going to review would be the gorgeous and ever beautiful Mizuki Nana! Though mainstream she may not be, her songs and voice(?) have really reached out to many. Let me tell you a secret. I once swore never to listen to any music that sounds like a foreign menu at a restaurant. But believe you me, that outlook to life was really foolish and how my life has changed! Now, 90% of the songs in my iPod are Japanese songs with Nana Mizuki(!), Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, May’n, Megumi Nakajima and FLOW in it! Up to here, it’s me, Lexxy, who has been typing to all you people out there! I’ll leave  space for Jiraffe to put in a tad of his contributions to this post! Your go Jiraffe!